Our Services

Consultancy Services

Cytacom cooperates with customer’s staff and consultants for the implementation of any project providing support and expertise for the design so as to maximize customer’s return on investment.

Customer Premises Cabling

Cytacom provides design services, installation and maintenance of copper and optical networks. The overall design chosen and the materials used ensure high standard of quality and support, as well as product upgradeability and expandability to satisfy additional customer needs.

Project Management

This is an area where Cytacom's personnel has years of great expertise managing small, medium, and large scale projects, coordinating teams, comprising customer, supplier, Cyta and Cytacom staff, in order to provide simple, complicated or even fully managed services solutions for the transfer of data, voice and image over any kind of network.

Networking Equipment

Networking equipment is offered in accordance with customer needs, enabling the convergence between telecommunications and information technology. Cytacom’s solutions offered in this area satisfy customer needs and enable the business to utilize general content communication facilities (voice, data, multimedia).

Private Branch Exchanges

Design, installation, and maintenance and support services for the provision of private networks, geared to satisfy present customer needs as well as future expandability and upgradeability requirements.  Cytacom can provide the ideal PBX for any type and size of business as well as videoconferencing solutions.

Through the wide range of services offered, Cytacom provides networking solutions for the transfer of data, voice and image, where such need arises, thus fully utilizing the customer infrastructure.

Specialised Systems and Software

Cytacom delivers integrated systems following exhaustive testing of both the functionality and interfaces between the individual hardware and software modules. Should the customer need specialized system or software, Cytacom’s team will evaluate customer requirements and will propose viable alternatives for the customer to choose. Following selection Cytacom undertakes to deliver a turnkey solution that fully meets the customer requirements.